Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This weeks Project....SO CUTE!

This week i hope to make this adorable apron...

It just makes me happy to see it....can't wait to see it on me....maybe I will make a few to sell??

Also, my mentor Marcie is going to help me make a beautiful kimono robe...I bought the fabric on sale months ago...for a week like this...snowy, cold and dreary.  

This is what makes me happy!

What makes you happy?

Kisses and Hugs,

Jenny May

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Making of a Christmas Apron

Good Morning,

What a beautiful day to do some sewing!  Especially something Christmasy....so put on your Christmas tunes and warm up the sewing machine because we are going to make this adorable apron in one day! I actually did this a couple days ago and it took about 2 hours.  So easy!

OK...this is my first attempt at this style apron so I have made some mistakes.  But you just rip out the stitch or "make it work" right!

First, I sort of read the instructions.  Then I started laying out the pattern and of course my Romeo was by my side the whole way.  He always likes to get in on what is going on in the house.

You do ALOT of ironing...so fire up the iron so it's nice and hot so you can press down the seems.  Sewing them will be SEW much easier.  :)

Lay it out and play around with the pocket placement and pin the gathers.

After I had cut the pattern, pinned, laid it out, ironed, and sewed it together.....I found I had made a mistake....the style I had thought I was making has a nice flare at the ends more like an A line skirt.

see below picture.

However, I ended up making the skirt bottom for style A.  I did not realize this until I put it on.

So this morning I am headed to my Mentor Marcie.....for help in adding the bib to finish this apron so it looks like the picture below.

 Here is how it looks today...

SO I am OFF to Marcie's for HELP!! 

Enjoy this day and the weekend.  AND



Monday, November 28, 2011

A Beanie for my Babie!


Mondays are for Mending.....this is true for me.  I got ALL my mending done today and it felt so good!  Now tomorrow I will have time for my fun projects...I hope! 

Over the Thanksgiving break I was crocheting away.....I am just learning and the picture above was my third attempt.  I was trying to make a square dish cloth...but it became more like a little beanie so I continued and made this adorable little beanie cap for my dear Nephew.  HE LOVED IT!  He must be a hat lover because he just wore it all night long and took it home with him.... AND my older nephew who is 12 asked me to make him one in black and red. 

I love that even my little practice items are bringing joy to someone.

I am loving my new-found desire to create what ever I can with what I have.  I have spent some money on material and yarn and will NOT spend any more money on anything until I have done the following...
1.  created my christmas apron
2. created my rose apron
3. finished the pink baby quilt I started 2 years ago...yup...this little girl is now 2!
4. I am going to re-purpose clothing, dolies, and other pieces of fabric to make myself a comfortable, long house dress.

I really mean it.  I am not going to spend any money on anything until I have used everying in this house that I can to create useful things for the home. LIKE...

dish clothes
table clothes
cleaning towels
cloth napkins
hot plates
sewing basket
kleenex covers

etc....getting more and more ideas from my new Favorite Book...

Sew you later!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Mondays are for....Mending!

Hi Ladies,

I am ashamed to show you the above picture...but honestly it is how I have kept the down in this comforter for the past 6 years or MORE.  Yes, I am sorry to say that I was too lazy to fix it the right way.  SO Monday's are for Mending. 

I had a brown tunic and an apron to fix as well so I got to work on that right away. 

 Ok, maybe I am still a little lazy...I just kept the brown tread in the machine and fixed the hole in the comforter.  No one will see as this is hidden under a duvet.

That felt SOOO GOOD to get that done....now on to the apron.

I have worn this one a lot and the seam was ripping from the waist section to the apron skirt.  I put some pink thread in the machine and fixed this up super quick....then I went on to make another pink scarf to give as a gift.

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm fall day here in the Midwest and I can't think of a better way to spend my time...oh well, not really.  I can......BUT Monday's are for Mending....and I do some other housework as well.  Mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, vacuum the house.  Then the house is clean for the week. 

Above is the rest of the mending I have to do today Before I get to the FUN sewing project below.  A super cute Christmas apron!

This fabric in this full skirt style apron....or maybe the one below that with the bib....can't decide...

I also am going to be putting together a few more scarfs using the cream fabric in the below picture. 

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Week! 


and Sew you Later!  ( I know, that's cheesy...but that's me!)


Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday Mornings....Coffee and Crochet Club!


This blog is about sewing, crocheting, or any other of the many ways a woman can practice the feminine arts.  These skills refine our character.  We become more patient.  We are humbled when we are learning.  It won't be easy because anything that is worth doing is going to be hard! 

I find that getting together with the woman and doing these things together is much more fun!  So we came up with the "Coffee and Crochet Club"

Currently, I am a newbie and this is what I have done so far with my crochet hook....was supposed to be a square and is turning into a circle...and now is something that looks like a clam shell that I am not going to post.   See....Humility!  I am already humbled by the beautiful things I have seen my Mother and friends create. 

One of my crochet goals is to make this hat......before the end of winter.....kidding!!!

MY INSPIRATION....My Mother Wendy


Current Project....I want to make those cutie aprons!  A couple Christmas aprons as well.  That adorable crochet hat...and I already made a beautiful scarf that I model below...and gave to my son's beautiful girl friend.

What is everyone else doing to hone in on the Feminine Art of Sewing?

Sew Long for Now!